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Need Some Concrete Removed? Save Money With a Local Bobcat Contractor

Contractors and civil engineers agree that concrete is one of the most popular artificial binding materials there is. It is more popular than steel and aluminium and is the most widely used construction material. In your home, concrete may be everywhere!


Concrete removal contractors should use a bobcat
This is a Bobcat just like the one that was used to removal my concrete driveway in Melbourne. (Mentioned Below)


If you need to have some of the concrete removed, it is best to hire a local bobcat contractor and not do the back-breaking task yourself. A “bobcat” (seen below) is a small compact loader that can fit into smaller areas and can go almost everywhere. So hiring one with a trained operator will be the wisest thing to do. If you decide to hire one and operate it yourself, it can become more costly as mistakes are made, the time to completion grows and your time is used.

But Why Would You Remove Concrete?

People remove concrete from their homes or property for these reasons:

  • You want to demolish a concrete part of your home to make use of the space
  • You need to remove an old concrete swimming pool or pond
  • The concrete on driveways and pavement are old and cracked and needs replacement

For small loose concrete, you may be able to do that yourself but for bigger masses, it won’t be as easy as it looks. The first thing you need to do is to break up the concrete slab by either using a sledge hammer or hiring a jackhammer. Then you will need to collect those loose concrete and dispose of it. You will need a wheelbarrow to transport them off your property. Back-breaking isn’t it? It is best to hire a professional contractor.

How a Pro Contractor Removes Concrete

Professionals remove concrete in a variety of ways. One popular method is through high water pressure blasting. It can demolish and remove old concrete and it won’t damage the reinforcing bars inside. You will then be able to recycle the rebars making this method eco-friendly.

When I had to hire a contractor for concrete removal I used Concrete Removal Melbourne who used a Bobcat to excavate my driveway. The whole process was completed within two hours and the bobcat operator even loaded the concrete into a truck and took care of recycling it for me. If you’re ever in need of concrete removal, give them a call.

Concrete removal using a concrete cutterAnother way is cutting up into smaller and more manageable pieces of concrete and having them transported out through a truck. Cutting is done with a variety of equipment through bobcats, certain types of saws and jackhammers. It all depends on the job to be done.

Having a professional do the hard work will be convenient for you since they have all the equipment needed and they can decide which ones to use for your job. They are very qualified and have proper liability insurance leaving the rest of your property in tiptop shape.

Having to remove concrete for whatever reason should not be all that difficult. The best advice for saving money and time is to hire a local bobcat contractor to help you get more things done at home and on the job site. These local contractors go beyond the easy to handle DIY equipment. A bobcat for instance, needs an expert operator to do the job right. Bottom line is, hiring professionals will always be your best and safest bet.